Landscape Order Checklist

Before starting any project, make sure to check with local building codes to see if permits are required.


  • Properly calculate materials needed. Always double check your calculations.
  • Order an extra 5% – 10% of your total amount of interlock / wall stone to account for wastage / cuts.
  • Look at product in person to verify style and colour is correct for your project.
  • Laying Pattern: Many pavers / slabs have more than one pattern that can be installed. Check each company’s catalogue / website for more information.
  • Proper protective gear such as: steel toe boots, safety glasses, gloves, dust masks, ear plugs, knee pads, etc.
  • Proper tools for installation
  • Aggregates: for base, bedding, and drainage
  • Geosynthetics such as geotextile and geogrid are used to stabilize and reinforce terrain
  • Edge Restraints and Spikes: It is very important to have plastic edging or a curb surrounding your pavers / slabs to keep them interlocked. The spikes will keep plastic edging in place.
  • Polymeric Sand: A sand used to fill the joints of your pavers / slabs. It has a resin mixed in that hardens when water is applied. This will help to keep everything interlocked, prevent weed growth and deter ants.
  • Construction Adhesives: to stabilize wall stones, capping, etc.
  • Sealers (Optional): to protect interlock or change appearance
  • Landscape Lighting (Optional): to create a stunning visual when the sun goes down
  • Delivery Placement: Please specify or clearly mark where you want material placed on site, otherwise it will be placed curbside.